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BFT Membership
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The organisation shall be called the British Fibroid Trust
Membership will be open to all (women or men who is either directly or indirectly affected by fibroids) who subscribe to the British Fibroid Trust Constitution.
  • to encourage women with fibroids to learn more about their medical condition by making available impartial-evidenced based information about the treatment options for fibroids.
  • to raise the level of fibroid awareness among gynaecologists, doctors, healthcare providers, government, and the public at large to prompt a more comprehensive and integrated care for fibroid sufferers.
  • to increase the influence that women or men affected by fibroids have on national health policy and planning strategy.
  • to address the wider issues of fibroid research and its future direction in the quest for better treatment(s).
The General Meeting (G.M.):
  • is open to all members of the British Fibroid Trust and is its governing body.
  • is held quarterly or earlier depending on the needs or to be called for.
  • shall discuss and decide British Fibroid Trust policy.
  • makes decisions by consensus.
  • shall hold the Governing Committee Members accountable for their actions.
  • shall appoint a Chair, to chair the meeting, and a Secretary, to take the minutes.
The Annual General Meeting:
  • shall be held annually in the second half of the year, when appropriate and determined by the number of membership.
  • shall be quorate with 20 members present.
  • may amend the constitution with a 2/3 majority of all those voting
  • shall appraise the performance of members of the Governing Committee and where appropriate to make the case to the Chairman for removal, if necessary.
  • shall approve the accounts, if appropriate.
  • shall appoint a Chair, to chair the meeting, and a Secretary, to take the minutes.
The Governing Committee:
  • shall implement British Fibroid Trust policy, subject to a General Meeting
  • shall consist of the following Officers:
    • Chairman, who shall have the overall responsibility to co-ordinate the running of the British Fibroid Trust.
    • Membership Secretary, who will deal with membership administration
    • Treasury Trustee, appointed by the Chairman, who shall be responsible for the British Fibroid Trust's accounts and will prepare them for annual inspection by the AGM.
    • Up to five additional Editorial/Ambassador Members without portfolio
The Governing Committee may appoint a Secretary and a Webmaster, who shall work with the Governing Committee Members to assist with the administration of the British Fibroid Trust.

The British Fibroid Trust shall operate one or more current accounts and a savings account, each account with:

  • At least two Governing Committee Members as signatories, to include Treasury Trustee and Chairman.
  • 2 signatures required on each cheque drawn.
  • No person may sign a cheque payable to themselves.
  • For accounts with online access, the Treasury Trustee, and Chairman shall have the password.
  • Any payments made via electronic banking will require agreement in advance, by e-mail or in writing, from one of the other signatories.
Representing the British Fibroid Trust:
  • All written communications (including letters, faxes, emails, posters and handbills) sent or published on behalf of the British Fibroid Trust must be approved by a member of the Governing Committee, who is responsible for ensuring that the communication represents British Trust.
  • All signed communications (including letters, faxes and emails) sent on behalf of the British Fibroid Trust must be signed by a member of the Governing Committee.
  • Members of the Governing Committee shall agree procedures to ensure that all communications are reviewed and recorded.
Obligations of Members:
  • Members must not do anything that will bring the British Fibroid Trust into disrepute.
  • Members must not claim, or appear to claim, to represent the British Fibroid Trust unless authorised to do so.
  • If a member breaks either of the two previous rules, the Member will be invited to state their case to the General Meeting before any action to remove him/her by the Chairman.
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