Help Us to continue Our work

Fibroids affect one third of child bearing age women.

We are too aware of how women put up with a very hard life with fibroids; a poorly understood and yet debilitating condition.

BFT, since its inception in 2008, has been largely supported in every way by its Founder (Dr Nicki On)and a few volunteers.

A decade on, today, we are seeking help and donations to sustain our free service.

Your donation will be for:

  1. 1. Online service and technical maintenance of BFT website
  2. 2. Update our information leaflets
  3. 3. Translation of our leaflets
  4. 4. Research funding on fibroids
  5. 5. Build a fund with a specific purpose for BFT's future sustainability independently from its Founder as she is getting old and hopefully less reliance of purely donations for survival.

Visit Justgiving page for our call for donation from end of July 2020.

THANK YOU in advance for showing your support and appreciation of our work.


Last updated on Monday 1 February 2021 11:57 am.