British Fibroid Trust is grateful for those who made an effort to give us your feedback. This helps us to improve our activities to deliver what you, the users, want.

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O Oshodi-Glover wrote:

Hello and thank you for the prompt response to my enquiry. I found your feedback really helpful.

Brigid Armstrong wrote:

Thankyou. I have been told by a consultant that I should have a TCFR to cope with horrendous periods. It has been a great help and comfort to have clear and detailled information. It has taken a lot of the worry and fear away.

Jackie Cork wrote:

After suffering multiple fibroids for 2 yrs, i' ve tried tranemexic, northesterone and the mirena coil. i'm due for a hysterectomy on the 8th dec. i found this site through a link on another site and what a blessing. your site is extremely informative and the hysterectomy page has given me more info than the NHS page. thank you very much.

Melody Richies wrote:

Thought you would appreciate a quick note following my recent myomectomy 3 weeks ago. First of all your feedback and website were extremly helpful in helping the decision process. The site provides clear, concise and accurate information so that I was fully prepared both for the op and the week following whilst in hospital. The new addition re fertility is good and relevant. I in fact had 9 fibroids removed - the largest being 7.5cms; consultant had to go inter the endometrium cavity which will necessiate a caesarian when I hopefully get pregnant next year. Because the gynae also works as a fertility consultant he really appreciate my anxiety and why retaining my womb was of utmost importance. Am now in the recovery phase and will have first post-op check up beg-December. Worth mentioning, the 'Time post op' table is very useful - one thing that may be useful to add for others (because I had/have concerns myself) is info on wound healing/appearance (again depending on type of surgery). In addition, the 'sensations, discomfort and pain' patients may/often feel afterwards.

Christina Laughton wrote:

Thank you for the information on recovery after an abdominal myomectomy. I had mine a week ago and wasn't given any information about recovery so was relieved when I read your information as I thought I was just being soft and I should be walking around with ease by now! I shall continue to do what I'm doing and rest as much as possible until I am ready to take the next step. I am a strong person yet it has surprised me how painful and slow the recovery is.

Barbara Martin wrote:

Excellent website.Just had an unsucessful ablation and resection, and was told I'd probably need to have a hysterectomy. Decided to do some research on the internet and found your extremely useful and informative website. Thank you, when I go to my clinic appointment, I will ask about the options mentioned here.

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