Our journey begun with the fact that Dr Nicki On, a fibroid sufferer, recently had a joint myomectomy operation in late Aug 2008 by Dr Diana Hamilton-Fairley & Dr Rajesh Varma (former Consultant gynaecologists) at St Thomas's Hospital (London).

She was diagnosed with 3 fibroids in late 2005, with the largest one measured the size of an orange. She was refused the treatment which allowed her to retain her womb by 2 hospitals on the ground of her age.

In desperation to avoid hysterectomy, she took an unconventional approach to contact Dr Diana Hamilton-Fairley directly at St. Thomas's in March 2008. By this time, the largest fibroid had grown to the size of a melon. She was extremely grateful for Dr Diana Hamilton-Fairley's pro- patient choice approach to allow her wish for an abdominal myomectomy.

Nicki saw Dr Rajesh Varma prior to her operation as he also involved in the procedure. During her hospital stay post procedure, she was inspired by Dr Rajesh Varma to set up a UK wide information hub for women with fibroids with the remit to bring more awareness about the condition that affects lots of women and campaign for further research into the causes of fibroids and search for better treatment(s).

Fibroid has debilitating effects on the quality of life of many women with adverse effects on psychological and social functioning. Many suffer from heavy periods, chronic pelvic pain and infertility.

Famous women, for examples Dr Condoleezza Rice (former US Secretary of State), Jerry Hall (super model), Beverley Johnson (supermodel), Juanne Fuller (actress) and Clare Nasir (GMTV Weather Presenter), have also been affected by fibroids.

Nicki also strongly believes that not enough research is being carried out on fibroids simply because IT DOES NOT KILL YOU !. This view is not only shared by women with fibroids but also many gynaecologists.

Dr On (Founder) and Dr Varma (Trustee) shared a vision that fibroid sufferers can be empowered and their quality of life can be optimised through:
  • Arming them with independent balanced evidence-based information and offering support;
  • Creating awareness and promoting fibroid education;
  • Seeking improved, more standardised, harmonised and intergrated fibroid care.





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